Risk Services

Who Will Benefit from Risk Control by US-Reports


No longer do underwriters have to struggle with the many differences in experience and training across individual loss control representatives, so often found at other service providers. US-Reports utilizes a standardized Risk Scoring system that effectively removes subjectivity and inconsistency from evaluations.

We give you reliable, consistent evaluations so underwriting is truly able to apply risk selection and pricing models that will improve performance and profit. It’s time to control finite loss control resources and create and retain more satisfied clients. It’s time for US-Reports Risk Services.

Business Owners:

US-Reports will help you take control of your business when employee injuries are out of control and you can’t seem to find the reasons why they’re occurring. US-Reports provides a fresh and experienced perspective to give you the guidance you need.

Our experienced team uses our proprietary METHOD Assessment Tool™ (MAT) and utilizes current Best Practices in health and safety to uncover the weaknesses inherent in an operations process.

Armed with this information, focused and tested efforts can be directed at the root cause of losses, providing you and your business with tangible results to improve performance across the board.

Safety Directors and Human Resource Departments:

Tap into our expertise, achieve your objectives in creating and maintaining a safe work environment, and do it all without the consistent cost of employing your own staff. US-Reports has risk control experts throughout the nation that are familiar with any variety of business operations, OSHA and other regulatory standards.

US-Reports is also capable of working with local management groups to help any safety department implement and maintain effective safety workplace programs. We’re able to do whatever you need, wherever you need us to do it.

Insurance Agents:

In today’s ultra-competitive insurance market US-Reports is here to help agents provide value-added services to their clients. We help set you apart from your competitors and make your offerings more attractive to the marketplace. Having access to risk control services from US-Reports allows you to selectively provide value-added services, attracting and retaining the most desirable clients. Change the perception of your agency from one that sells insurance products to that of a real partner, concerned with the success of your client. Here are some of the services available to you:

  • The METHOD Assessment Tool
  • Accident Analysis used as the basis for creating focused action plans
  • Perception Surveys that measure the progress of the implementation of health and safety programs
  • Targeted workplace safety training
  • OSHA compliance assistance
  • Creating and implementing written safety programs
  • Ergonomic work station evaluation & adjustment
  • Requested and specific consultative services
  • Industrial Hygiene services (noise & air evaluations)